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UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated HVAC Air Conditioning Ductwork Panel

The UNTDuct Phenolic System is a pre-insulated, high performance air duct system for commercial, industrial, and residential applications....

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UNTDuct Phenolic Pre-insulated Duct Panel with Painted Steel Sheet and Aluminum Foil

The UNTDuct Phenolic System is a pre-insulated, high performance air duct system for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The system uses a CFC/HCFC-free phenolic foam board with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) — faced on both sides with reinforced foil. Patented, specially engineered, aluminum flanges are designed to connect the duct sections to assure a strong, tight closure.

The UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Ductwork System is like no other insulated ductwork system. It is the most advanced and innovative energy saving system of air-distribution ductwork available worldwide. Ductwork is fabricated using rigid insulation panels in sections up to 4m and can provide the optimum energy saving and environmental solution in comparison with other types of ductwork. The system consists of Phenolic Pre-insulated Duct Panels, fabrication methods, jointing systems and a complete line of accessories to produce a System where air leakage can be reduced to a fraction of that typical of sheet metal ductwork. The UNTDuct Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated Duct System is the clear leader in new generation pre-insulated ductwork. It offers the triple benefits of cutting energy, cutting carbon and cutting cost whilst already having proved itself in its highly competitive marketplace. Being based on a phenolic resin it has outstanding fire characteristics and extremely low smoke emission when exposed to a flame source.

The UNTDuct System offers significant advantages over sheet metal ductwork. Weight, space, installation time, installed costs, air leakage and energy performance are just a few of these benefits.

·UNTDuct Phenolic System is 72% less weight than insulated sheet metal ductwork.

·Faced with Antimicrobial aluminum foil, UNTDuct is does not promote mold and mildew.

·UNTDuct can be installed flush to the slab, saving valuable space within a suspended ceiling. 

·UNTDuct Phenolic System Meets ASTM-E-84 Smoke and Flame for use in the US and Canada and BS476 Part 6&7 in British. 

·The jointing system combined with the fully sealed duct seams produce a system that is virtually airtight and leak-free.

·UNTDuct offers a significant installed cost savings over other alternative insulated sheet metal systems, depending on the size of the ductwork and complexity of the project.  

·The low thermal conductivity (k–value / λ–value) of UNTDuct panels makes it the most thermally efficient, and hence the thinnest, insulation product commonly used for pre–insulated HVAC ductwork.

·UNTDuct yields significant savings in reduced heating and cooling loads due to the superior insulating properties of the phenolic panel and minimal air leakage of the jointing system. 


The UNTDuct System is designed for use in building services / HVAC applications. It is suitable for both new build and retrofit projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, light industrial and leisure sectors. The ducting is versatile and can be installed internally or externally, and concealed above a false ceiling or visibly mounted. It is easily modified and repaired and can be fabricated on-site with non-powered tools.

External /Internal Use:

Panel Structure: Silver Alu. / Phenolic Foam / Painted Steel Sheet

Foam Density: 60kg/m3

Panel Dimension: 3950mm*1200mm*20mm

Alu. Foil: 60 Micron (Embossed)

Painted Steel Sheet : 180 Micron (Smooth or Embossed)

Specification of UNTDuct Phenolic Pre-insulated Duct Panel with Painted Steel Sheet and Aluminum Foil





Panel Structure

Alu./Foam/Steel Sheet

Standard Panel Size



Alu. Foil Thickness



Painted Steel Sheet Thickness



Foam Density



Thermal Conductivity



Compressing Strength



Bending Strength



Combustibility Property

Class 0 (BS476 Part 6 & 7)
Class A (ASTM E84)

Water Absorption



Max Smoke Density



Dimension Change



Working Temperature

-250- +150

Maximum Allowable Wind Velocity



Continuous Running Maximum Temperature


Thanks to its excellent products and quality services, UNT Duct is one of the leading untduct phenolic foam pre-insulated hvac air conditioning ductwork panel manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy the high quality and customized products from our factory. We will offer you the best service and fast delivery.

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